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Effective as of: 08/04/2016
Share Secured2.50%APR fixed rate up to 5 years
Unsecured10.00%APR fixed rate
Kwik Cash loan11.75%APR fixed rate
2008 - New 100% of value NADAstarting at 2.60%APR
based on amount financed terms up to 84 months
2007 older finance 90% of value NADAstarting at 2.60%APR
Did you know if you take out a new or used auto loan at the credit union you receive free, for 1 year a program called 'Auto Deductible Reimbursement'.
If you have a claim on your insurance this program will pay your deductible up to $500. This program covers all your vehicles even if you don't have a loan at the credit union on one of your other vehicles how can you go wrong?
You can also have a longer term if you purchase GAP insurance and Extended warranty insurance.
Call today for more information about this program.
Real Estate loans3.00%APR fixed rate 5 years
3.50%APR fixed rate 10years
4.20%APR fixed rate 15 years
If you are requesting a mortgage loan with Public Service Credit Union you may use this link to look up information regarding the employees of Public Service Credit Union.
Public Service Credit Union 442120
Sandra M Leszczynski - President MLO# 612720
Susan R Schoessow - Member Service Rep MLO#612723
Caitlin Franke - Member Service Rep MLO#1600507
Effective July 29, 2011 All employees are registered under the SAFE ACT (Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act)
Used Recreational loansstarting at 3.60%APR
New Recreational loans3.50%APR fixed rate up to 5 years
APR = Annual Percentage rate
Public Service Credit Union
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